Touring Caravan  Introduction 2


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The interior of the caravan, mentioned here, has bunk beds one end. A settee in the other end for 4 persons. In the mid section the galley, and opposite a toilet room that also contains a wash basin.

As I travel a lot by myself i find the bunk beds handy, because the top bunk can also serve a a large shelf.

I can have the table permanent in one end, and at the same time have the bed done without to much fuss in the other end of the caravan.

I find the space very sufficient for 1 person. For 2 persons fine for a limited period. For a more extended period, move up a size, ore get a light camper tent to mount when you stay several days in the same place.

A sun shade and a couple of comfortable chairs and a folding table is the easy solution, and more suitable if you move frequently. Get a good quality sun shade. The more light ones can get very lively when it is windy.

A light camper trailer this small, is mainly to be used during the summer month. May through September in the mid and northern Europe. Even then you  get some cold spells, and some sort of heating comes in handy. The most common solution is the Truma gas heater. It makes the cold evenings more cosy with some heating. During the night a couple of extra blankets will do the trick. A electric element can be mounted inside the Truma heater. If the campsite can supply the amps, then you can save the propane/butane gas. If there is no space for the electrical section, a small floor heater is fine. Try to get one that starts at 500 Watts. Also test before you buy. There is some noise from the fan.

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