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.Along the coast from South to North

First the Algave coast

This is my notes from visiting several of the campings in Portugal. Actually the first is still in Spain , but close to the border.. The notes are mainly about the things that caused problems in finding the camping.

Isla de Christina / Taray
I was there in Feb 2010. I found the best route to the camping is to avoid to go through Lepe or Isla Christina towns.

Take exit 117. Then N445. For 2 km. Then turn right 300 meters end then left down a newish road to the coast.  Next time I will try camping Giralda, closer to Isla Christina.

Quarteria / Orbitur
I was there in Feb 2010.Entering the town from the most Western route.  All of sudden the GPS said left, left. But it was down a small road, so I ignored  it.

The camping is actually in the East part of town, but the is a broad road along the coast you can follow to get there. Camping is big. There is parking outside where you can leave your rig during check in.

At the BP station turn left. Then come a round about with water fountain. Straight through. 1 more round about straight across. Next round about turn left. Then u see the camping at your right side.

I was never there yet, but it looks easy to find and, get onto the camping. There is separate lane for left turn. Acces from N395
Armecao de pera / Canelas.
I was there in November 2013. The GPS was leading me the wrong way. It seems the new road was not in the system. Anyway. The camping is off the N 269/1. Easy to get in and out as there are roundabouts before and after the camping. Big parking to wait during check in.
There is one more camping further down the road. Right by a roundabout.
Lagos / Turiscampo
Just off the N125. There is a stop light making it easy to get in and out from both directions. Once inside there is a broad road to park while checking in. Very good quality site. Busy during vinter, and summer as well I would guess.
Luz /Orbitur
Along the N357. This road connects with the main road N 125 with a round about. This is where you enter towards Luz. Do not go through Luz with big units.
Sagres / Orbitur
Coming from Vila do Bispo, continue down the main street of Sagres to the round  about at the end. Here turn right towards the light house. 1 Kilometer turn right by the sign.
Big parking outside to park while checking in. No traffic of importance.
My GPS will show me  to turn right where the town starts, but that is a narrow road, with gravel in places.
Even in July August you can still find space here, just. The rest of the year quiet. The winters are very quiet. very few permanent campers.

North along the West  Coast

Aljezur / Serrao
The first camping heading North along the N120 is Serrao. Quite a nice place actually. Very quiet during the winter. Coming from South drive through Aljezur. Then up that looong hil, and by the water tower turn left. There is a lot of parking outside to park. Lots of permanent campers. I was there during month of April and it was very quiet.
Zambujeira do Mar.
The camping is located at the entrance to the small town along the N393/1. Not a lot of parking space outside, but the area is not busy. Even it is the main road to the small town. The camping is not very big , but pleasant enough. I was there during month of April , and only a few besides me. A campers. camping for travelers. No permanent
Z Mar Eco.
Situated along a quiet country road. A lot of space to park by reception. The camping is very very big. Absolutely quiet when I was there during April 2011. Big indoor and outdoor swimming pool. Great restaurant with inexpensive buffet.  Quite open area and as such windy.
Villanova de Millfontes  / Parque de Millfontes.
To get to the camping u have to zig zag down some town streets. The entrance to the camping is in a quiet road.. Park here and check in.
The roads inside camping  is not very wide, but there are a couple of  wider main roads . Quiet busy in April with non Portuguese visitors

To get from Millfontes towards Sines, my GPS advised me to go through Cercal. I regretted that because getting through the town was a little complicated as the road is only 2 lanes, and there are many parked cars. Luckely I did not meet a bus coming the other way. It is easier to take the small road  N1072 that leads past Camping Sitava

Camping Sitava
Very big, but well managed camping. Many permanent caravans. Easy to find and big parking outside. Restaurant open all year..
Ilha do Pessegueiro

Big camping in some distance from Porto covo. Easy to find.

Porto Covo camping
I was spending a couble of  nights there during a April trip. Many permanent caravans. Camping is near the town centre. Easy to find and you can park  outside.
Sines / Sao Torpes
Enter by a gravel road from IC4 road Sines / Certal. You can park outside reception. Mainly cottages, but with a area for travelers as well. Isolated location. There is a footpath to beach.
Praia de Gales
Very big camping, right on the beach, in a rather isolated area. I was driving around a bit to find it. I believe the trick is to get to Melides and then go to the camping from there. During September I had a pleasant stay using a tent.
Going from Sagres, North . Then it is a good stop for the night, and then the next day you can easily get past Lissabon. To Peniche or Nazare
Peniche / Municipal
Easy to find by the first round about when you enter town. Big parking outside. Well managed. Very sandy. Areas with hard gravel as well. Gate to the beach. Good place for surfers.
Nazare / Valado
I was taken on quite a detour by my GPS. When u get off the motorway. Exit 22. Then head straight towards the coast.  N 8-4. The camping is along this road. I was there in beginning of June and it was easy to find a space, but it was a bit sandy in places.
Figuera da Foz / Gale
I have been there 3 times. Beginning June and mid September. Nice place. Good restaurant.
First time I arrived from the N109 . Following the GPS. It said left , which I did, and ended at the cemetery. Then I had to get across the busy IC1 where the camping is located, which was not easy.
The trick is to drive further along the N109 and use the round about before the bridge.
Another way is to use the toll road  IP 3 and  then across the bridge.
The camping is quite big and there are parking space just inside the entrance. But just one.
Aveiro / Costa Nova
Camping on real grass. Supermarket and restaurant close when I was there in June. As was the gate to the beach. Next time I will use nearby Vagueira - Vagos 
Very big. well managed. In June it was quiet. A bit hard to find. I ended up on a road running on forever into the wood, and first after 5 km could turn around with the caravan in tow. Endless beaches, both side of town, but to close to Porto for my liking.
The area for travelers is under tall pine trees. Quiet during June.
Rio Alto ( 30   km North of Porto )
Arriving from South. On the toll road, tsake exit No 8  Apulia - Fao. Now drive South along the N13, 3 KM. By the hotel turn right. This is the easyest route.
My GPS was sending me through small town. A lot of signs indicated that I was not the first.
Alto is a well managed camping. There is a tunnel to the beach. There was a problem with the el hook up. Lockers could not be closed, so the fuses got wet, and tripping far to often.  I was there during June. Quite a few travelers
There is a camping. Complicated access, and it looked of little interest
Viano do Castello.
South of the river there are 2 big camping. Leave the toll road at exit 13 the first exit South of the river. Then use N13 to go North. Just before the river turn left towards the beach. Do not leave at exit 13, you get onto a complicated road system, and then u have to cross the old bridge. I was there looking from the outside during June. Quiet