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 Soulac syr Mer to Bayonne
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Camping sites with all year opening, or sprig, summer and autumn opening. 
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Area descriptions Name Road Exit Star
Open Dist from road GPS Note
L'Amelie syr Mer Amelie PlageLink to other web site N 215   3 1/03-31/12 1 45.48379N, 1.15180W more
Hourtin L'Oree du Bois
D101   2 1/05-30/10 0 45.17154N, 1.05237W 1
Sanguinet Municipal Lou BroustaricqLink to other web site
A63   4 15/03-15/11 15 44.49961N, 1.07857W 1
Parentis en Born L'Abre dorLink to other web site
E5   3 01/04-30/10 2 44.3477N, 1.1012W 1
Parentis en Born Mun Pipiou
E5   2 01/02-15/10 2 44.3477N, 1.1012W 1
Pontenx les Forges Municipal le GuilemanLink to other web site
D46   2 01/01-31/12 1    
Castets Municipal Le GalanLink to other web site
D652   1 10/03-31/10   43.8813N, 1.1216W 1
Moliets plage Saint MartinLink to other web site D652   3 10/04-31/10 1 43.85259N, 1.37953W more

Les Acacias

D652   2 25/04-25/10 1 43.80261N, 1.37525W 2
Vieux Boucau les Bains Mun. les SableresLink to other web site
D652   2 01/04-15/10 1 43.7922N, 1.40666W more
Mun. Bel Air
D152   1 01/01-31/12 0 43.6518N, 1.4298W more
Ondres Du LacLink to other web site
N 10   3 01/01-31/12 2 43.5647N, 1.4526W more

Note 1: Coordinates are approximate only. Note 2: Coordinates have been checked against 2 different sources, and are believed to be correct. Distances are measured in Kilometres.

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