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The camping El Garrofer is along the C 246 A  only 2 Km from he water front in Sitges.

The camping has different things to offer than Vilanova Park, which is 10 Km away. The close distance to Sitges is one. This however also means there are asking slightly higher prices.

If you plan a 3 month stay, you get an big discount. Remember however that the site is closing 1 month, mid December to mid January. You can leave your caravan there during that period if you opt for a 3 month period.

The site has Wi-Fi, covering the reception area.

It is easy to park during check in. If you are in the Ap7  motorway you can get there using the C15 if you are South bound, or the C32 if North bound.

The area is mainly flat for those who like to use bicycles. Bus every hour to Barcelona airport.

GPS coordinates are 41.2336N, 1.7805E

Last updated in 2007