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Rødhus 6 Km  -  North to Saltum 6 Km

Blokhus , is a holiday resort situated in North Jylland along the West coast. It is a popular resort in the area of an  old fishing village, now with many restaurants and shops.  It is in the county of Pandrup

In this area there are many cottages to rent. The most busy season is from end June to beginning of August. There is a smart looking hotel not far from the beach. Just before you enter the town there is a camping  In the town itself there is a vacation complex with more than 200 apartments.  

You are allowed to drive on the beach, and can drive 6 to 8 kilometres in both directions. Going North you get to Saltum some 6 Km. away, and then to Grønhøj another 5 Km.

The tourist office is found along the main road to the beach, 200 metres before you reach the beach. They have brochures and event calendars.

The traffic can be very busy, specially on sunny Sundays.

The area around Blokhus is very suitable for bicycle trips. To get information about the routes, visit the tourist office. They have a info pack to buy, and many free booklets. The routes are marked with blue or red signs. The red signs are marking the International routes. Route No. 1 is passing through here. It follows the west coast of Denmark for more than 300 Km. Then continues in Norway, and then down the East coast of England.

The local routes are marked with blue signs. Each route has a separate folder. You can get the folders free of charge at the tourist office or at the library.