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Copenhagen Yacht harbour is situated in a privileged position, next to the cruise ship pier called Langelinie.
As the photo shows, it is a marina for the smaller yacht range, mainly below 12 metres.
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Right next to the Yacht Marina you find "The litle Mermaid" Know from the books by Hans Christian Andersen. During the summer month this is one of the most visited monuments in Copenhagen.
The size is not very large, but the compensation is the nice surroundings on he Copenhagen waterfront.


Photo from the old custom pier. The small huts along side the pier are shelters for persons boarding the royal yacht, which is moored in this area as well.
Further along you get to the royal residence called Amalienborg. Across the waters you can just see the opera house.
Small ferries can bring persons across.

In the area you find many parks, monuments, churches and museums.
Unfortunately the moorings available for guests are limited. Also it gets a bit bumpy when motor vessels are passing the entrance.
If no space is available the nearest alternative is Dragoer to the South or Skovshoved to the North.