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South to
Saltum 4 Km  -  North to Løkken 9 Km

Groenhoej (Grønhøj) beach  is situated 5 Km, in direct line South West from Løkken. . The road leading to the beach is clearly marked with a road sign at the main highway No 55. There is a camp site not far from the beach as well. The ramp leading to the beach is wide and large cars, and cars with camping trailers can easily get to the beach.

Camping trailers and auto campers can stay to sun set. However keep in mind that sun set is late this far north, and by that hour the camp sites will be closed.

This photo shows the beach in the direction of Saltum, 5 Km. away. There you can leave the beach, or you can go on to Blokhus.

As the photos show the beach is wery wide. The sand is hard. Near Saltum there are a small stream to cross, with a couple of centimetres water. It is a good idea to let someone cross first. That way you can see how deep the water is. Normally it is done easily with any type of car.

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