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Hornbaek marinaHornbaek yacht marina is integrated in Hornbaek harbour. It is a very popular place during the summer month. Some times the harbour is full to the brink. The photo is from a windy afternoon in mid August. Now only very few, if any, visiting yachts are around. More visiting yachts can be found in Gilleleje    

HornbaekOn the occasion with strong North West winds, the wind surfers and surfers start to arrive. You will find better waves further down the coast past Gilleleje at a place called Smidstrup, where a strong gale can create waves  in the 5 m range. Surfing waves this size is only for the very experieced.

HornbaekOn both sides of the harbour you find sandy beaches. The one on the West side is the larger one. The photo shows the much smaller beach on the East side of the harbour. This is the beach however most used by surfers.