Søndervig Link to other web siteMap, is a beach resort dating back to the 18'th century. You still get the feeling of a historic place when you walk the streets. Mothern facilities has been added. with leisure facilities. Cafe's restaurants and shops. Video

The beach is stretching kilometres in both directions. The sand is soft and you can not drive on the beach in this area.

To get to the beach you leave your car in a nearby car park. Then depending of the amount of people that have decided to go to the beach on this same day, you need to walk 200 to 400 metres.

By the light house, ( Video ) some 4 Km south, and at Hovvig ( Video ) 3 Km to the North there are parking as well and a track to the beach.

There are several campsites in the area, some in easy walking distance to the beach.