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 South to  Lild Strand 6 Km  -  North to Torup Strand 13 Km

Bulbjerg,  Video used to be an island in the sea as it was in the stone age, 4000 years ago. Then whole North Jylland was a sea with scattered islands.

Down below you can see the parking by the beach. In the distance where the point is coming out, is where you find Lild beach.

Looking North along the coast. Also you can see the second parking.

The photos above shows the old shore line. 2000 years ago this areas was very fertile and many people lived here. The Teutones from this area together with the Cimber tribe from Himmerland started to fight their way South through Europe. First when they met the Roman army, they were stopped.

Centuries later, during the early Middle age,  the inhabitants had cut down so much forest and other vegetation, and the period with sand drift started. 300 years it lasted to control the drifting sand. Only when the large plantations were planted the disaster came under control.

By then towns and fields had been destroyed to such an extent that the area had become one of the poorest in Denmark.