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South to
Torup Strand
Km 4  -  North to SvinklÝv 16 Km

Klim Strand  Video is situated at the West coast of Jylland. It is typical for this area. Sand with quite a bit of small stones. Gravel I believe it is called. This area of Jylland is sparsely populated. On some roads you can drive many Kilometres without meeting another car.

Many small roads lead to the beach in this area. Often this is the old life boat tracks, where the life boats were being pulled by horses to get to the beach in the case of a stranded ship.

And stranded ships were many. In the time of the sailing ships, this was a very difficult coast to navigate. On shore winds. Often gale force. Lack of land marks, and a low lying coast, all added to the dangers.

A strong South going current often made the navigator believe he was further North than was the real case. Bearing East to soon, believing they had passed the North tip of the peninsular of Jylland. Just to hit the sand bars in Jammerbugten  (The Bay of Mourning)

The off lying sandbars, with deep water in between, left the seamen in terrible danger, and many drowned trying to reach the safe shore from a ship being broken to pieces by the pounding waves.