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 South to Lyngby 12 Km - North to Nørre Vorupør 3 Km

Stenbjerg beach, ,  is a fisher boat landing on  the West coast of Jylland. It has its own charm with the small street and the white houses. The beach is of excellent quality. It stretches forever in both directions.

On the photo above you can se the characteristic house. They were used for storage of the equipment used for fishing.

Stenbjerg beach existed as a trading place as far back as 1790. At that time it was the trading with Norway that was important. Mainly provisions in exchange for timber and cast iron products.

The old life boat house is now a museum. There is a real old type lifeboat inside. Open 10/17 during the summer.

The lifeboat station saved during its service time, starting 1894, 121 persons in 10 major operations. 19 fishermen were saved in other operations.

In 1924 there had been placed 63 lifeboat stations on the Danish West coast.

The car parking space is not very big. RV's will find it difficult to manoeuvre. Parking prohibited 22.00-07.00 hours for RV's and vans. This is the general regulation in this county.