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KalvehaveKalvehave yacht marina is situated in the South Sealand. At this place the bridge is crossing over to Moen. The harbour was former an important centre for the fishing of eel. Small boat building yards were found in the area as well. On the pier there is a small museum, explaining the history. View large size photos 

Oestersoe FaergegaardWhen the steam ship from Copenhagen to Nykoebing started passing here more than 150 years ago, the town became an important traffic centre. A rail road line was later build as a connecting to Vordingborg.
Steamship and rail road is now closed down. The main activity now is the yacht marina and the vacation centre Oestersoe Faergegaard
(Østersø Færgegård)

Kalvehave beachIn the outskirts of the town there is a beach. It is however small. To get to deeper water there is a bridge.
Due to the shallow water in the area, the water can get murky, and during hot summers, even unsuitable for swimming. This happened during the 1 month heat wave that hit the area in 2006.