Web sites about Copenhagen and Denmark


Link to other web sitewww.woco.dk All about Copenhagen. The official tourism site for Copenhagen. Here you can also read about the "Copenhagen Card" that gives transport and entry fee at various museums for a fixed price. Language Danish and English. Currency calculator.

Link to other web sitewww.krak.dk Do you have an address and need a map, or do you need a map from Copenhagen or elsewhere in Denmark. Get it from here.  Map in Danish is "Kort".

Link to other web sitewww.visitcopenhagen.dk  Web similar to the above.


Link to other web sitewww.360cityguide.com 360 degree panorama from Copenhagen

Link to other web sitewww.visitdenmark.com The official travel guide to Denmark. Map of Denmark.
Link to other web siteen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denmark  Encyclopaedia
Link to other web sitewww.hotspot-locations.com  Hot spot locator. You can buy hot spot time with credit card when you log on. Statoil gas stations and Mac Donald are the places to look for. You can also find a TDC shop and ask for assistance.
Link to other web sitewww.boligmangel.dk  Looking for a place to stay for longer time, but still limited, (student or similar), try this web site. Language is Danish only. Look under  "fremleje". Use e-mail and write English.


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