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L°kken , is a holiday resort situated in North Jylland in Jammerbugten.   L°kken is one of the larger resorts in the area. Popular with younger people, and the town becomes quite crowded in the July high season. There are many shops, restaurants, bars, cafe's and some discothŔques     Video - The beach   Video - Surf

L°kken has one of the few recognises surf spots in Denmark. Photo from surf area.

In the surrounding area there are many cottages to rent. In the area you will also find many camping grounds. You can drive your car own on the beach. Auto campers are allowed during the day and evening, but not during the night.

The area around L°kken is very suitable for bicycle trips. To get information about the routes, visit the tourist office. They have a info pack to buy, and many free booklets. The routes are marked with blue or red signs. The red signs are marking the International routes. Route No. 1 is passing through here. It follows the west coast of Denmark for more than 300 Km. Then continues in Norway, and then down the East coast of England.