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Ribe Ribe is the oldest town in Denmark. It is situated in South West Jutland. It has a charming and special atmosphere. There is a well preserved old town. Many small shops, restaurants and cafe's.
During the month of July and August, the best way to get to know Ribe is to join a guided tour of the town. It is arranged by the tourist office
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Ribe cathedralRibe cathedral is the most spectacular building in Ribe. From the more than 50 metre high tower, you have a great view over the town and the surrounding marshland.

The  art museum is another popular place to visit. Here you find exhibitions containing paintings from the golden age of Danish art. Activities for children

Ribe viking centreA popular place to visit near Ribe, is the Viking Centre. It is open from May through September. You can get an idea how the Vikings lived and worked. It is a child friendly exhibition.
For the ones that like to know more about the viking age, it is possible to visit the Viking Museum.

Mandnoe roadAs Ribe is situated in the marsh lands, you can find a museum with exhibitions about this special type of landscape.  The photo to the right shows the road to Mandoe. It is ending straight in the water. This is where the tractor driven bus come in. Transport to get there is a tractor, pulling a large trailer with seats. The passing is then done at low tide.

Near Ribe you also find a Safari Zoo Park, containing a tropical complex with alligators and reptiles, monkeys and birds.