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South to Blokhus 6 Km  -  North to Grønhøj 4 Km

Saltum beach, is situated 4 Km South West from Groenhoej (Grønhøj) beach.  The road leading to the beach is clearly marked with a road sign at the main highway No 55. There is a camp sites in the near area. The ramp leading to the beach is wide and large cars, and cars with camping trailers can easily get to the beach.

There is a few grocery shops along the road as well. Fore more shopping Blokhus is only 6 Km. away.

This photo shows the beach in the direction of Blokhus, 6 Km. away. There you can leave the beach, as  there is a wide drive ramp.

As the photos show the beach is very wide. The sand is hard. On maps you will actually see this stretch of beach marked as a road.

Stop anywhere and take a swim. Beware however the water is cold. With waves you get rib currents. As a precaution go swimming where you see other people.

At all the entry roads to the beach you find written instruction how the life saving system works.