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 South to  Kandestederne
18 Km 

Skagen - DanmarkSkagen is one of the most popular vacation resorts in Denmark. The town is a busy fishing port. There is a ship repair yard as well for maintaining the fishing trawlers. The long sandy beaches are not far away, and the light has this special shade that has been attracting artists for years.  View large size photos  Video Clip 300 Kbps   More Video Clip

Skagen - DenmarkIt is also a important harbour for sailing yachts, crossing from Sweden or Norway. Where the powerful light house shows the way. This s today having less importance with the inexpensive satellite navigation.

Skagen - DanmarkThe photo in left side shows the fish restaurants on the pier. They are very popular. The area for yachts is right in front of these characteristic red houses.
July is very busy in Skagen, with many tourists. However from mid August the rush is over. As the late summer in Denmark is often very sunny and warm, this is the best time to visit this area. The rental price for cottages also has a decline after 15 of August.