Activities in Denmark and Copenhagen


Denmark is mainly flat. The highest hill being 190 metres. This makes it a ideal place for a biking holiday. The country is criss crossed with marked biking route. There are 600 or more simple camping sites, where you only are allowed to arrive on foot, bike, horse or boat (without engine). More info  (English and German summary)

If you do not like camping there are youth hostels, bed and breakfast and inns. Where a simple camping site (expect running water and no more)  will cost you 2 Euro a night, the country inn can cost 150 Euros for a room.

A more comfortable form of vacation, is to rent a cottage. There are 250.000 summer cottages around the country. They are close to the coast. Normally sleeps from 4 to 10. Some are quite simple. Other have Spa and Sauna. Satelite TV, DVD. A fully equipped kitchen. Some with washing machines.  has a large selection of these cottages.

Sight seeing in Copenhagen is recommended as well. Tivoli gardens is known all over the world. It is a theme park in the centre of the city. A cruise around the harbour is a great way to see the city. The harbour in used very little for commercial traffic. In stead you can take a swim from one of the two swimming and sun bathing platforms.


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