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Hendaye - Aquitane - France

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Hendaye beach is situated at the French Spanish border. It is a good beach for the beginner surfer who need to build up experience. The photo is from the beginning of October and there are hardly anybody on the beach, even if the water temp is 18 Deg C.

During the beach season some sort of restrictions will apply to surfing, so nobody gets hurt by fast moving boards and sharp fins.

This is a place for the inexperienced surfer to find shelter, when you further to the North has a thundering beach break.

By the end of September most camping sites are closed in the neighbourhood. One option is to set up camp in St.Jean de Luz. a pleasant small town 10 Km north.

Another option is to get a hotel on the water front. There are Hotel Valencia, 29, Boulevard de la Mer, Tel: +33 5-59200162. Hotel Uhaïnak, Tel: +33 5-59203363. There are more hotels in the nearby area. ( You may want to give the hotel management a hint that you are bringing your surf board )

The nearest air port is San Sebastian airport, only 8 Km away, across the border to Spain.  ©