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Ondres - Aquitane - France

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Ondres is situated 10 Km South from Hossegor, and 10 Km. North from Bayonne. On the top of the sand dune there is located a cafeteria, a bar, a couple other small shags including the surf  schools.

There is a strong beach break. It did not look inviting for a beginner point of view. The experienced however seemed to enjoy it in full, and the beach was not crowded by end of September, even if it was a nice sunny day.

There were no life guard service on the beach by end of September. Actually I think swimming is prohibited when the guard is not on station. This does not apply to surfers.

Being near the big city of Bayonne, you start to get the feel that you need to keep a good aye on your belongings. Signs are warning you not to leave any valuables in the car.

There are several camping sires in the area. One particular is worth mentioning. It is situated in very nice surroundings and open all year. Camping du  Lac.

It is easy to find. If you arrive by the N10 from Hossegor to Ondres, you will see a sign to turn right at the first stoplight in Ondres. Follow the sign and you get there after a kilometre. You have to climb a steep hill and pass a narrow road. With a mega size camper or caravan, or underpowered car it could be difficult.