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Canet Plage yacht marina

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Canet Plage is close to Perpignan on the South Mediterranean coast of France. You find here a large yacht marina, a very long beach and in the North and South ends of town there are several camping sites.

The La Brasilia is situated directly to the beach and one of the best around. It is situated just North from the Yacht Marina. The Mar Estang is situated in the South end. It is closer to the actual town. None of the camping sites are open all year. They are mainly for summer use.

During the off season you will see auto campers using the parking in the middle of the water front promenade. Also in the South end of town you find parking for RV's.

A  curiosity I noticed is that several public buildings had signs honouring persons. Eric Taberly and Rosa Luxembourg, among others.

The road leading South towards Saint Cyprien is passing a narrow strip of land, between the sea and a lake. Along here you find one line of parking all along. It is a protected area, but at several places there are path leading to the beach.

Saint Cyprien  has a very different lay out, with very wide streets leading through the town .

 If you continue another  8 Km you get to Angeles Plage, again a town layout with a different concept. Here the beach is lined with apartments, where the lowest floor has a small garden leading directly down to the beach.

From here on and down to the border to Spain the coast starts to get rocky. The first town you meet here is Collioure. A town from another époque and well worth visiting.  ©