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Royan  is situated on the North shore in the Girone river delta. The town is stretching some 8 kilometres. There are a large beach at the West end of town. Another large beach East of the harbour. In between you have several smaller beaches, some you could say, in the town centre. There are many camp sites in the area.

There are a ferry across the river. It takes 30 minutes. It is running some 9 times a day, the latest around 8 in the evening. The best route to the ferry is using the D 733 road. Prices are approximately. 20 for a car, 35 for a auto camper and 50 for a car and a caravan ( 2007)
. The photo show the East beach, visible over the bay. In the foreground the fishing harbour. The ferry terminal is in this area, as well as a yacht harbour.

By the ferry terminal there is a water sport shop. They sell surf equipment as well. They also have information of the local surf school.