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Sitges is situated 40 Km South from Barcelona. It is a  small town, in a nice location on the coast. The town centre has small narrow streets, full of shops. The waterfront near the old church has a line of restaurants. Sitges is famous for its restaurants.

The water front promenade is then stretching some kilometres South, lined to one side by the beach, and to the other by some very impressive houses.

 In front of this area you find in the afternoon several surfers during the off season, and Sitges is a host for surf competitions.

Sitges is mainly residential. The less nice industrial areas has been loaded onto the shoulders of the nearby towns.

There is a small selection of hotel, but Sitges is not a town catering for mass tourism.

Along the C 246 A you find 2 camping sites. However the camping site mainly used by the touring camper is Vilanova Park, which is 12 Km. away.

In the North part of Sitges you find a large yacht marina.  If you drive in there, look at the price for parking. It is expensive. Outside there is a parking, try to get a space there.

Next to the yacht marina is a small beach. In front of the beach you find a large number of surfers if you have a swell running. I counted 32.

The best time to visit Sitges is spring or autumn. During the high season, the town is packed to the brim by holiday makers.

If you are thinking of making a stop over in Sitges to surf, parking with a auto camper on the water front could create a problem. I noticed a sign saying parking prohibited with auto camper everywhere in the county of Sitges. Besides I did not see any auto campers parked on the water front, even if there was a lot of empty space.