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Oropesa del Mar, is situated 95 Km North of Valencia. 2 Km north of the town centre  series of apartment blocks have been build. They are seperated some 500 metres from the beach and grass and palm trees have been laid out in fron. A large hotel has been built as well, and near the hotel a small park. The road by the hotel is smartly illuminated .

There must be at least 500 apartments, and more is being built. It is a very ambitious project. Time will show if people like to live in surroundings like these. Most of the flats I believe are for vacation during the summer. In February hardly any people were seen there.

Further to the North along the coast, some 2-3 Kilometres you find several camping sites. Torre de Sal 2 is very popular. In the camping you find many people, some staying for several month during the winter month.

You may fear, that one day the camping sites will vanish to make room for more apartments .