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Torrenostra,  the beach town of Torreblanca, is situated 35 Km. North from Castellon de la Plana. The nearest town North is Alcossebre, 5 Km away. To the South you find Oropesa del Mar 23 Km away..

You find many newly build apartment blocks, and more are being built. It is mainly second homes. During a visit in February everything was closed down. There was very little life in the streets, and the people you saw were mostly construction workers.

During the summer month the beach will be full, and the town bustling with life and activety.

In the North end of the town a golf complex is being planned. You can see the signs, but no activity yet ( 2008 )

Torrenostra used to be a small fishing village. Near the old landing stage for the boats you find a small church, a strong contrast to the massive apartment blocks only  few hundred metres away.