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Denia, is the first town on the Costa Blanca coast from North. It is as well an important ferry harbour, with routes to Ibiza and Mallorca.

In the port rea there is a large waiting parking for trucks and cars. It is outside the controlled port area. If you are waiting for the ferry, this is the place to go.

If you are driving with a larger vehicle, then avoid to drive through the centre of the town, keep in the North area, or better drive along the coast the last kilometres.

Between Denia and Oliva there are many camping sites and a long sand beach. Along the beach you find many apartment blocks as well. They are moderate sized.

 South from Denia the coast gets rocky. If you follow the coast the road will start climbing across the mountain and then take you down to Javea.

The massive mountain to the South of Denia is a Natural Park, Montg. Inside Denia you have an old castle from where you have a god view over the harbour.