New apatments near the Yacht Marina Typical houses at Playa Babilonia Playa Gran and the sea front restaurant
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Guardamar de Segura is situated 35 km South from Alicante. It is a town with several long sand beaches. Starting from the river mouth, where you also find the yacht marina, the first beach South is called Los Viveros. It is 1.4Km. long.

The following bech is called Playa Babilonia. Also known from the small houses close to the water. It is followed by Playa Centro, 2.5 Km. long

Playa Centro is in front of the town and you can find a sea promenade and many restaurants here. Further along the beach is called La Roqueta.

You are now leaving the more build up part of Guardemar de Segua. The sand beaches however will continue several kilometres more.

Even during the winter month the town is quite busy. On sunny days the restaurants in front of the central beach are busy.

It is a place gaining in popularity and many new apartment blocks have been build in recent years. Mainly in the North part of town.

You can find a Cat 1 camping site as well. It has large pitches and is easy to get to. It is popular by owners of very large motor homes. Link to other web