Playa Lisa Playa Grande Playa Levante
Playa Levante Playa Levante The beach North East from Santa Pola

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Santa Pola is situated 25 km South from Alicante. The town is best known from its salt lakes, long beaches and good climate during the winter. You do not find many hotels. The town is rather quiet during the winter month, without dying out completely. Probably most middle aged and up will find it very pleasant. The photos are from month of Mars.

South from Santa Pola you find the more than 1 Km. long beach Playa Lisa. Along the seafront here, you find small houses and in between a few restaurant. The surf club is also located here. Kite surfers are starting from the South end of the beach. Further towards the town the beach is called Gran Playa.

 Many of the houses are quite old. Looking in the streets behind you will however find new apartments and small houses. Else the main activity of new construction is North from the harbour.

North from the harbour you find several large beaches as well. The first is called Playa Levante and is a  400 metres wide sand beach. It is followed by Playa Varadero  and Playa Santa Pola del Este. Which is also more than one kilometre long. You are now in the more upmarket area of Santa Pola.