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Torrevieja is situated 50 km South from Alicante. The area is dominated of apartments and smaller villas, to cope with the demand by foreigners to get a share of the the Spanish sun shine. Especially as you here have a pleasant winter climate, with a minimum of flying time from the major cities in Northern Europe.

Arriving from the North along the coast you find the beach of La Mata. It is 2500 metres long, lined with several restaurants and cafes.

Following the coast further South towards the town centre of Torrevieja, you will find it rocky with very small inlets.

The next beach is called  El Salaret. It is a urban beach 700 m long. Busy in the beach season.

From here until the harbour of Torrevieja, you find some smaller beaches. You are now in the centre of town in a maze of narrow streets, apartments blocks and lack of parking.

On the other side of the harbour, now mainly used for yachts, you find more beaches. Playa Acequion is 900 metres long.