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Oliva Beach, is situated 70 Km South of Valencia. The town of Oliva is situated 3 Km inland.

In the area you have a yacht marina and the camping Kiko. A 5 star camping site , that is very popular summer as well as winter.

You do not find any large hotels in the area, nor large apartment blocks. This way the area is quiet and pleasant.

When you look inland you find that the small mountains are not far away. On the slopes you can see villas. Surely with a splendid view over the town of Oliva and the sea.

There is a kite surfing shop in the Club Nautico. They offer tuition as well. Windsurfing is also a popular sport here. Surfing is possible during the winter month mainly. The camping is an excellent base s you are right at the beach. If you are an advanced surfer, you will find it to boring here, but for a learner, it is a good spot.